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  • We don't just teach diving, we go diving!
    This past year Oscar and I orginized trips all over The Channel Islands, Kona Hawaii and even Mexico. Our first official trip as West Coast Dive Shop is coming up December 4th. We are going to be diving Farnsworth Banks. Four Dives and the regular price for this trip is $140.00 but in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use the promo code WCDC and receive an additional $20.00 off. Thats an insane price for this trip which includes boarding the boat the night before. Meals and snacks, up to four dives! airfills all on a well appointed dive boat The Cee Ray. In the near future, their will be many more trips planned. Want to get your Deep Divers Certification on this trip? Another Cyber Monday deal. Sign up for this trip and for $135.00 gets you your class materials, certification card and the class. Keep on top of the posts on our facebook page:

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